JCB mini excavators

Excavation and Contracting (UK) Limited, an online marketplace and demolition contractor, has been providing customers with the most durable and reliable construction equipment over 30 years all across Europe. We have an extensive range of machinery equipment from a trustworthy manufacturer. We will help you to reach your goals on time and within budget. This section of the site presents used JCB mini excavators for sale which are intended to cover your business purposes.

JCB mini excavators are endowed with the most important characteristics for customers when choosing equipment: comfort, controllability, reliability, serviceability and productivity. Despite a compact package that is easy to transport and ideal for confined work sites, mini excavators provide precise control, unrivalled service access and exceptional operator experience. The operating weight of JCB mini excavators can reach 10,000 kg, and the dump height is up to 6 m. Mini excavators are commonly used in road services, as they can work without interrupting traffic. Besides that, they are applicable for laying pipes, for installing fences and road signs as well as for planting trees.

The most requested models of used JCB mini excavators such as JCB 8060, JCB 8050RTS, JCB JS70, and the other are represented on the Excavation and Contracting (UK) Limited. What is more, you are able to compare the selected diggers in accordance with the key specifications that are placed on the website. To facilitate your seeking on the platform, we have made an easy–to–use search by price and construction year. Make your choice as simple as possible with Excavation and Contracting (UK) Limited.

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