Bulk Excavation & Land Reclamation

Modern earthmoving equipment fitted with satellite guidance systems are now able to carry out bulk excavations accurately and efficiently, with consequent saving in terms of time and costs, allowing redevelopment on accurately graded sites with minimum further preparation. Reclamation schemes have involved the removal of substantial sub-surface obstructions in the form of redundant concrete bases, service tunnels and pile caps, all of which are removed by heavy pulverising and breaking machinery, with the arising being crushed for re-cycling as clean aggregates. Contaminants can be neutralised, encapsulated or removed from site.

British Car Auctions

Bulk Excavation and Land Reclamation

Formation of 8 acre paved compound for British Car Auctions using satellite guided earthmoving equipment. Bitmac surfacing, palisade fencing and mast lighting.

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